A branch of the military that is a complete hellhole. You enlist, thinking that the bonus that your recruiter offered you will be a lot of money, but just adds up to an extra $2.00 a week. All of the other branches call The Navy nerds, while they're the only branch who never actually gets enough service to do nerdy things like play Fortnite or Minecraft. You are stuck on a ship for months at a time, and everyone is stuck to do every job because everyone is in the Army instead. People clog the toilets just so that the ship can't deploy, and all that does is summon YOU to plumb it, because that's Navy life for ya.
Sailor 1: Fuck, we're getting deployed again?
Sailor 2: Yep. I tried to clog the toilets so we didn't have to go but-
Sailor 1: Jesus Christ, that was you? I had to plunge that shit!
Sailor 2: But you're a Sonar Tech!
Sailor 1: Well, this is The Navy so everyone is a plumber now.
by thenormalnobody January 21, 2020
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The best person you will ever meet. She has a lot going on inside her head, but will do her best to hide it. She covers up her feelings with jokes and laughter. If you are friends with her you should consider yourself lucky
Navi is an amazing girl. I wish she'd tell me how she felt though.
by qshdugfli June 23, 2013
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Very beautiful person who is loved by many and is true to her friends and i loves them all. A funny person who is smart and amazing by heart and many wish to be like.
Guy: "who is your best friend? "
Girl: "Navie"
Girl: "she is the one person I can rely on"
by Daddyasf December 27, 2016
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Navi is a gorgeous and lovable girl. She is a hilarious and down to earth type of person who is always up for a chat. She does though hold grudges against people who do bad to her!! She’s an amazing girl who at times could come off as sarcastic or sassy but deep down is the most caring heart a person could ever have. Navi’s personality is mostly hyper, energetic, happy and wild but when she has to would be calm and thoughtful. A spectacular friend she would be and who help u with any fears, doubts or insecurities u may face!!!! Navi is also what people call a blessing from above showing people the good in any situation and tried to find happiness where ever it might be no matter how small or big!!!
Navi is a born model and the best person you could be friends with!!
by Larry is my friend September 30, 2018
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The branch of many modern militaries, especially the United States military, that specializes in sea-based operations and has a wide jurisdiction over military command.
by Nicolaivich January 19, 2004
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The Navy is not gay. Army started this rumour because they always lose to Navy in the Army/Navy football game
Army guy #1: Wow Navy just kicked our asses

Army guy #2: Well the're gay

Army guy #3: Thats funny. Let's spread that
by GO NAVY!!! August 30, 2004
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Navi is a child sent down to earth by God. He's the most trustful person and will never let you down. He will do all he can to help you out even without you knowing it. He's super athletic and has a sensitive side. Girls will break his heart but then later regret it.
I need help someone please
Navi " I got you what do you need"
by Iloveyouatmybest July 10, 2018
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