A really good online game. Only gets boring for people with no imagination or commitment.
Don't like Nation States? Go back to your stupid Runescape then, retard.
by Grenade Launcher February 02, 2004
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a most excelent online game.
www.nationstates.net is a most excelent online game.
by Gorganzola June 26, 2003
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a state (country) that is note centered around a single city, but has defined borders and (usualy) several cities
Frence, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Finnland are all nation states
by Ace of words February 26, 2009
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A game created by Max Barry to promote his books, quite fun if you have a mind.
by Hack Nike June 02, 2005
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A generally good RP forum/game, you make your nation which detirmines if it is worthy of using certain things in RPs without getting struck by the ignore cannon due to the user is attempting godmoding. However the enviroment is rather racist toward minoritys in some of the nation since they promote things such as banning certain cultures such as rap, deporting or commiting holocaust towards minoritys.
The Parthians have an exhibit of blacks

Roach buster promotes child killing, lack of education, and just abusing human rights while his leaders go off and have some party using the tax payer's cash
by The Holy Republicans February 04, 2005
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The results of a group of people with their head so far up their asses that that they form a unified collation of people inside rudimentary drawn lines in which the same assholes, as stated previously, decide who and what to tax. These ass-hats also have the ability to dictate national symbols, pride, beliefs, cultures, stigmas and a great extra deal of societal structures that are better left to the uneducated pheasants that mass in the under class. Nation-States also like blowing up other Nation-States in an attempt to force others to kneel down and suck their dicks
"This Nation-State idea is so damn stupid" - King Henry VIII (r. 1509-1547)
by Emerson ain't got shit on me December 04, 2017
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gets really boring because it just repeats your issues over and over
nation states is really fake and boring
by gay June 27, 2003
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