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a state (country) that is note centered around a single city, but has defined borders and (usualy) several cities
Frence, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Finnland are all nation states
by Ace of words February 26, 2009

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1. refers to a nation that has a large land mass and/or looks imposing to the outside, but is full of nothing and/or is no true threat

2. refers to an organization and/or individual who appear to have large amounts of influence and/or power, but in acctuality have verry little if any at all.
1. Russa is an empire of dirt

2a. In the United States, the President has an empire of dirt.

2b. To most Americans, the Catholic Church is nothing but an empire of dirt.
by Ace of words March 01, 2009

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A state (country) based around a single city and its surounding land. City states do not have defined borders and no city states exist in the modern world.
Babylon, Athens, and Sparta are all ancient city states.
by Ace of words February 26, 2009

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A form of government which uses aspects of widely varing governments.
A nation ruled by popular vote of all peoples, representitives, and monarchs/royals is a nation with an omnicracy for a government.
by Ace of words March 02, 2009

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A term refering to surviving a cataclismic event or being present after one has ended and having to pick up the peices.
speaker one: The huricane is over!

speaker two: Welcome to the fallout.
by Ace of Words February 25, 2009

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A fictional cartoon television show thought up by the escapist team. It is based around a rag tag team of Sentient muffins in space. Which is awesome.
I want Space Muffins to be a new show on the escapist.
by Ace of Words December 08, 2012

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