Naoko is a beautiful girl that has such a high degree of intelligence. She is so sweet loving and caring and puts others before herself. She works extremely hard but gets tired easily. She loves to sleep. She is responsible and will always do good no matter what condition.
Person 1- look at that hard working girl studying hard on that bench

Person 2- oh that’s Naoko she is the most lovely girl ever
by Whyhaseveryoneusedallthenamess October 23, 2019
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Harmony. Spread Harmony.
That’s very Harmonious of you, reminds me of our great Harmony lord Naoko Hashiro
by EmergencyfoodChia April 05, 2021
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Person one, "U know Naoko nozawa"
Person two, "Yeah what a bitch"
by Poop1111 March 14, 2017
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A girl with a pumpkin head who was bullied and now commits murdur , she also simps for Kazuya Makino
Kazuya:" asumi did you hear, Naoko Kirino escaped the mental hospital she was in, she liked all the nurses!"
Asumi: "damn bitch for real? Oh shit I think that bitch is here-"
by ꧁Mikado Sannoji꧂ August 10, 2021
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