The first straw hat pirate to be seen in the anime One Piece but third to join the crew she fights with a bad ass stick called the clima tact. She has orange hair and loves treasure and oranges. She is also the navigator for the straw hat pirates.

Nami: Don't you dare touch my orange groves

Nami: The forecast is rain, RAIN TEMPO!
by Onepiecefan August 20, 2009
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A sexy assassin, that is psycho at times
Whoa. Look at Nami go!
by Namika August 2, 2004
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Nami is a very chill person. She loves her music and her men but most of all she values her family and friends. She loves the ocean and is great at sport. Be careful not to be on the wrong side with a Nami, she will never trust you again. Although she is hard to get to know, if you’re the right person for her she will open up slowly but surely - kind of like an ocelot in mine craft but you don’t get to feed her fish or tame her ;). She’s hot af and will never let you down if you get a chance to hang out with her. She’s shy but also loves to have a good chat - if she has tome for it - and although she may have her struggles, she keeps her head up high because all Nami’s are bad bitches. If you ever get to meet a Nami, make sure you make the right choice and get to know her.
Nami is treated with respect and admiration periodt.
by September 16, 2020
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A shortened version of the expression 'Na M8' which allows the user more fluency and expression when using it.
"I was like 'Nami', so he left me alone'
by Dhillonselva January 26, 2015
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Orange haired sexy burglar and navigator. Loves money and her tangerine tree.
LUFFY : Oh look it NAMI!
Sanji: NAMI-Swaaann!~~~
NAMI: Aye Aye Sanji-Kun and LUFFY.
by Strawhats_nami December 22, 2018
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A sexy Boi that all girls bow down for for his sexiness!
Woah You see Nami Over there I wish i could have him!!!
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My sexy, red-headed wife from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for Nintendo GameCube. We have a son named Akira. He's so cute. Awww.....

Oh, and she has red hair and repeats the same thing every day. That's about it.....
"Oh, and the refridgerator needs restocking, Honey."
by KirbyKollector April 27, 2004
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