Naline is the most beautiful girl, she's nice pretty nd has a great personality, she's the person u need to talk to when ur down to make ur day better -J-
by na line July 5, 2011
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…She never focuses in any class, most likely playing games on her phone.
She hates Science, but she is pretty good at it.
“Dude Nalin copied my Earth Science Test.”
Bruh moment.”
“Nalin didn’t even focus.”
“Oh bro-“
by NECKRACK April 5, 2022
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Dead sexy male model who is looked up to by all. Often idolized and revered. Referred to as a pimp-machine.
by Anonymous September 2, 2003
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Nalin is a very sweet person. He always has things to talk ab but he’s a dry texter🤣 He is super cute and a good listener too, he gave me a ninja pencil once and it was so sweet I kept it as long as I could. Nalin could be a great person in ur life☺️
Nalin kinda cute and so sweet👉👈
by DuhhhItzBri October 19, 2020
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1.Teh God
2.loves linkin park
I'm too nalin to send out a package for Jeremiah
by jeremiah October 29, 2003
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A beatiful girl with many friends. She is often crazy, but once you get to know her she is the most lovable people you will ever meet. Her funny attitude gives her countless friends. But don't be fooled by this witty personaltity, she can be the most romantic person ever. I seriously think I'm in love with this girl.
Boy 1: Did you see that beatiful girl pass by

Boy 2: Ya, she must be a Nalin
by Deinnickname September 27, 2018
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She is a nice girl! Nalin has a big heart. She's really beautiful. You should not lose her. She's one of the best people's in this bad world.
Someone: I need help!
Nalin: Wait I'll come i'm in the near! (She's not in the near...She's in a nother continent)
by Moon stone January 3, 2017
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