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It's an Ethiopian name. He is one of the best people that you'll ever meet in your entire life if you get the chance to because he is preserved in certain ways. He's one of the most handsome guys on the planet. He trusts people that he thinks matters in his life.He's kind, forgiving and lovely. He's the perfect guy to spend a time with because he understands what true love really means. He's the perfect soulmate.
Nahom is the best guy I've known in my entire life.
You can never forget Nahom after meeting him.
by nefse May 27, 2018
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Nahom is the Ethiopian version of Nahum, a Name from the Bible. It's confused with the book of mormen's Nahom but it's just a name quite popular in todays Ethiopia.
Hi Nahom, are u goin some where?
Ya, I was just goin home
by Real N January 10, 2010
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A person who posts or comments on Facebook without realizing what he wrote or without realizing the context or meanings of his words.
Boy: Beat my teacher in a game of chess.

Nahom: You only did it cause your teacher became 4 inches shorter

Boy: WTF

Nahom: He=Teacher

Boy: ???

Nahom: Went to the school dance, #chilvaryrules

Boy: Do you even know what *chivalry means?
by 543213432 December 12, 2012
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Sexy motherfucking light skin with huge penis that goes in sams mom. No one has a bigger cock than him and he is really attractive.
Wow man that dude has such a big cock he could be nahom.
by fuckedsamsonsmom August 28, 2018
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A ugly young man from Ethiopia and likes to suck dick because he is gay, he will make out with anyone he meets especially a girl named Julia because he loves the way she moves. He ejaculates on her and gives money because Julia is a big uckerz
You're being such a Nahom to your girlfriend!?
by Boi2222 May 29, 2018
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Hes a pussy ass bitch faggot ass self ugly as fuck nobody likes him hes fucking useless
by yuehjxnm, December 06, 2018
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