Spontaneous, outgoing, extremely intelligent woman with a heart of gold. Will do anything for her friends and family, loyal, wonderful mother, devoted & romantic partner - and highly adventurous in bed.. Great with her hands, wonderful masseuse, caring, good looking and excellent sense of humour. Great cook, brilliant baker. Makes a mean caramel slice. All men want her, all women want to be her.
That Nadie, she's so fine..
by NZAphrodite February 5, 2010
an innocent creature that has big eyes and a high pitched soft voice

They usually are small, shy, have long dark hair, and brown eyes.
Guy1: Wow, shes so shy.

Guy2: She must be a nadi.
by appetizing bunny March 4, 2009
Not a dad yet - An expecting husband takes care of neighborhood kids as preparation for having children

Alternative to: manny (male nanny)
Friend w/ kids: Hey let's catch up this Friday!
Friend expecting a newborn: I can't this Friday, I'm doing a nady share to get some practice as a dad
Friend w/ kids: Wow, do you have a spot for my kids? I can do a surprise date night instead
by joinbeloved.com July 14, 2022
A perfectly thrown hand grenade in a first person shooter game. One that hits the mark with precise accuracy and inflicts maximum damage, much like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. This is not to be confused with a Xavier Nady, which do consistent damage, but only knock enemies out of the park about 20 times a season.
Devin: Oh shit! Double kill from the other side of the map with a plasma grenade!

Sam: Yeah that was a Brady Nady right there!

Marco: Did you see my Brady Nady I just threw?

Devin: That was more of an Eli Manning Nady, but at least you're trying.
by Devin "The Legend" McDermott December 17, 2007
a universal exclamation, to be used in place of OH SNAP, OH SHIT, OOH GIRL, CLARENCE CARTER!, etc. Can also be used to describe a certain type of party vibe
example 1: Javi threw up all over my sneaks last night, oh nadi he's going down!

example 2: OH NADI! It's dollar hotdog day at Woodhams

example 3: It's about to get oh nadi up in here!
by jacktastique March 8, 2009
someone who wants a person that will argue with them and send suspicious doxxing threats every day. everybody is jealous of them
"will u be the rin to my nadi?"
by coolnadi August 2, 2021
A Tom Nady is a trickshot in first-person shooters where someone throws a grenade a long distance and (either by skill or luck) kills at least one enemy.
Player 1: I didn’t think that throwing a nade that far would kill someone!
Player 2: You just Tom Nady’d half the enemy team!
by MrSnoot69420 September 25, 2021