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A girl that has a nice personality, very intelligent and cute. Has a beautiful big brown eyes and a lot of guys want to get to know her and even make her as their ideal type for a girlfriend.

Her voice is soft and her smile is sweet. Her laugh always made people day brighten up
Guy 1 : wow! I like that cute girl!
Guy 2 : me too. She is my ideal type! Who is she?
Guy 3 : SHE IS NADI!
by TigerMochi May 07, 2018
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an innocent creature that has big eyes and a high pitched soft voice

They usually are small, shy, have long dark hair, and brown eyes.
Guy1: Wow, shes so shy.

Guy2: She must be a nadi.
by appetizing bunny March 03, 2009
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A very cute couple that look great together and always feel better when around each other
Omg look at that cute couple over there they must be a Nadi
by That lit Rojun gurl February 07, 2019
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