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NTR or Netorare, (jap. 寝取られ, 寝(ne) as in 寝取られ means "sleep", in this case, "the lover's sleeping with someone (cheating)". 取られ(torare) is a noun coming from 取られる(torareru), "have something stolen/robbed".

It is a genre of anime (most commonly found in hentai), with a specific idea at its centre - cheating. It has a (main) story where the protagonist has his/her lover stolen by someone. The sex in an Netorare hentai/NTR hentai will focus more on the couple that is having an affair together, rather than the married or dating couple whose relationship is being violated. Netorare/NTR usually has a female character as the one who is cheating on her husband or boyfriend, but it can also be a male character as well sleeping with other girls. Quite often, Netorare hentai/NTR hentai end in depressed, regretful, and rage-filled characters rather than happy endings.
Amagi Brilliant Park is NTR manga.
by October 13, 2020
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The product of the amount of substance, the temperature and the ideal gas constant, which is (according to the ideal gas law) equal to pressure times volume.
Person 1: Do you know what NTR is?
Person 2: You mean that Japanese porn subgenre?
Person 1: What? No, you stupid fuck! We are doing the chemistry homework right now. Can you stop talking about hentai for once?
by Bogdan Narut December 19, 2020
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NTR or netorare is when your lover cheats on you with someone else.
It's a common tag in hentai or doujins.
There's also netori which describes basically the opposite, so when you steal someone else's lover.
P1: What's your favourite hentai tag?
P2: It's NTR
P1: Ew
by cummybunny August 16, 2020
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Netorare (Japanese: Cuckold):
What some weebs are obsessed with, often a cute girl who's husband or significant other needs something and ends up getting fucked by an ugly bastard, best friend of the husband, their son (or stepson), or house owner.
Weeb: I found this awesome NTR that a jerked to! #332054 you should check it out!
Degenerate: Only if it's ugly bastard!
by Jack-Jack da crazy kid October 10, 2020
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Nothing to Report. Terminology (short hand) used in the security industry when filling in reports.
e.g. Following an alarm activation at a premises the security officer noted on arrival that there was no obvious cause for the alarm and completed his report docket accordingly recording the details of the client and alarm and wrote "NTR" in the description of events section.
by admit2 February 29, 2012
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NTR - "Need to rush" it is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team from Poland. The team have been created in December 2014 in small village called "District the 13th" by a polish group of friends. They have not won single professional competition, but the times of glory and splendor are coming. Beware of their magnificient power and superior might...
NTR is the best team in the world.
I love NTR
by andreee May 23, 2015
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