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A Japanese porn acronym that has 3 different meaning depending on the porn content and your pov

#1 Netorare = get cucked without consent, a betrayal cucking, a cruel cheating of your partner where he/she might leave you for a better lover
#2 Netori = you steal someone's wife/gf/girl
#3 Netorase = plain cuckolding, cucking with consent, you are willing to be cucked and she has your blessing to cheat on you

Note: if the girl is the cuck, you may add "reverse" to all of the above categories of NTR
Ex. Reverse Netorare
#1 NTR = She cheated on me and I wept, she loved my pathetic sobbing, she broke up with me after finding a better guy
#2 NTR = I stole Eric's girl, he saw us in his house having sex, Eric wept in front of us having sex but we did not care, that was 3 years ago
#3 NTR = I told my girl to cuck me and now I am a pro cuck, my girl loves to cuck me and I love it too, I'm very happy with my cuckold life
by Fapanon2021 December 7, 2021
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A type of lesser cuck
A porn cuck but not a real cuck
A fapper cuck
Cucked only by fapping to cuck porn
Eric is a cuckhold, because he can only get cucked by watching cuck porn
by Fapanon2021 December 7, 2021
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