A term used for a story theme that focuses on a particular type of cheating/unfaithfulness in a relationship in an adult-oriented real-life video, manga, or anime. The person that cheats is initially forced against their will (either physically, by being blackmailed, or by the influence of an ingested or injected mind-altering substance) by the instigator(s)/perpetrator(s) to participate in a sexual encounter but then is mind-bended to enjoy and/or accept the experience. Also, the cheater often is not fond of the instigator(s) before the encounter and may state that they love their significant other at any time in the story, but ends up deciding to continue the affair with the instigator(s) afterwards. The victim (the person being cheating on) is usually unaware of the betrayal by the cheater, and the instigator(s) if the victim knows him, her, or them. The story often hints that the victim may never know/find out about the continued affair. This theme is intended for shock value and will end up angering some readers, but others will find it arousing.
"A netorare story might turn out to be hot fiction, but all of them are a rapist's wet dream in real life."
by Coolone784 November 21, 2020
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literally means "cuckold" and shortened as NTR is a hentai genre where in a heroine will be introduced as having a significant other, which may be a husband, a boyfriend, or even a partner in a BST affair. The story will then show the aforementioned heroine being intimate with another man thus provoking jealousy in the audience by proxy.
He likes to read netorare hentai and roleplay it with his girlfriend.
by 009aVid February 27, 2012
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If you know what Netorare is, you'll know what Gyaku Netorare is right away. It follows the same premise, the only difference, Gyaku Netorare focuses on girls, one stealing a boyfriend/husband from another lady.
Too much Netorare people tent to forget Gyaku Netorare exist
by GoliaithNate February 16, 2021
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Basically its an hentai comic where there's 2 people. Just pretend that 1st person and 2nd person is 1st person's girlfriend.
Then there's 3rd person here. However the 3rd people will devise an plan about taking the 2nd person and turn her into an slave that loves the 3rd's person penis more than 1st person. but at the end. It's too late. 1st people failed to protect the 2nd person. and 2nd person doesnt care about 1st person anymore. She will just call him loser or cuckold. but.... uhm? If you had shock or rage at your mind? Just pretend that 1st person beats up the 2nd and 3rd person.

But if you're addicted?
For god sake. To fix it.
Just go and listen bunch of screamo songs so you'll feel the energy going at your veins. (Spider gang , X , Ghostemane , 7XVN , SCARLXRD , City Morgue , Nascar Aloe , PRXJEK , GHOSTOFBLU , other)
by whatever31 March 1, 2022
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