No trees replanted. When someone chops down a tree and does not replant it afterwards.
We don't like NTR. We prefer when everyone plants the trees when we cut them down.
by tastyshrimp October 3, 2021
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Nuclear Thermal Rocket (NTR) is a rocket engine that superheats a propellant with the energy of nuclear fission and ejects it to create thrust. Not limited by the energy of chemical reactions, NTRs can use a variety of gaseous propellants, and although heavier gases (like nitrogen, neon, argon) can be used for more thrust, the most common propellant hydrogen as enables the highest exhaust velocity (efficiency) by being super light.
The efficiency of NTRs is also directly proportional to core temperature, however, there is a limit on how much heat a solid core can endure before it melts. Which is a bad thing, the molten remains of the reactor will shoot out the exhaust bell like a radioactive bat from hell, killing anybody nearby and leaving the spacecraft without an engine.

Big-brained rocket engineers thought, "What if the core was molten in the first place?" This led to the design of liquid core NTRs, and even open-cycle gas cores (GCNTR). A gas core NTR provides outrageous temperatures and the ultimate efficiency (reaching up to 34 km/s of exhaust velocity and runs over 20,000K), but radioactive fission products will escape with the exhaust, producing a radioactive stream of death. There are solutions to this problem, but the efficiency will be cut in half.

Undoubtedly, NTRs have the potential to make interplanetary travel a lot less miserable, but stigmatization against nuclear power had held it back. For Sauce, it's the second engine list on Atomic Rockets.
Bill: "Have you seen the latest work of that sci-fi artist?"
Jeb: "Of course! His NTR series looks so cool and realistic, I really wish to be one of the crews on board. Space, the final frontier..."
Bill: "Same! On the bright side, at least we still have the designs for NERVA."
by Kerbodynamic X May 22, 2022
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Nothing to Report. Terminology (short hand) used in the security industry when filling in reports.
e.g. Following an alarm activation at a premises the security officer noted on arrival that there was no obvious cause for the alarm and completed his report docket accordingly recording the details of the client and alarm and wrote "NTR" in the description of events section.
by admit2 February 29, 2012
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NTR - "Need to rush" it is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team from Poland. The team have been created in December 2014 in small village called "District the 13th" by a polish group of friends. They have not won single professional competition, but the times of glory and splendor are coming. Beware of their magnificient power and superior might...
NTR is the best team in the world.
I love NTR
by andreee May 23, 2015
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1.) Acronym for "Never To Return." Used at summer camps and summer schools to identify trouble-makers who would not be invited back. (The letters informing the kids' parents of their NTR status were not mailed home until the session was over.)

2.) Also used for lovers who don't live up to their potential.
1.) "After burning down the mess hall, that damn Goldberg kid is an NTR!"

2.) Yeah, she's got nice ta-tas and all but she just laid there like a dead fish. She's an NTR, for sure.
by CJG53 January 28, 2011
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Stands for "no tap required." This is a chick who is slutty enough that when she's giving you head, you do not need to tap her on the back of her head to let you know before you cum in her mouth.
Dude, stop being so picky; what you need to do is go out and find yourself an NTR.
by geof131313 June 9, 2010
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NTR is the most famous telugu hero with highest fan following in telugu states . He is known for his craze, popularity,behaviour, maturity.No one can come near to him in craze. The world NTR mean "GOD" for telugu people. He is dispute king of TFI followed by Pawan kalyan and mahesh babu
NTR ihas highest craze among the people since simadhri. With that movie he recreated previous records of actor called chirinjeevi
by Unknown God 1 April 13, 2021
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