Used when someone is taking something too seriously Calm down bitch, it’s ntd
by Bellaxo54 April 6, 2020
Initialism for "need to drop" (referring to a video/audio meeting attendance)
by rushcarlyle March 9, 2023
Three-letter acronym. The use is similar to SMH, but this is usually directed towards a person. It's like sighing towards a person. It stands for:

guy1: Yo, did you hear about that new game exclusive on 360?

guy2: i have ps3

guy1: ...NTD
by samur-ai September 8, 2010
She got small titties and a big heart, I love her but its ntd.
by Percy Owens September 29, 2020
New Tool Day!

Abbreviation used to describe your joy of a new tool for the shop, on the job, or just because it looked cool!
Its NTD! Check out my new, ridiculously expensive Fluke 3-phase energy analyzer!
by BreeStephany December 29, 2022
NTD - Nothing to do. State of mine where there is so little to do you just go blaze or do drugs and sit around. Doing nothing, everywhere you go there is nothing to do. Wherever you are you kinda want to be someone where else.
-Hey dude, what's going on today?
-Word, ill bring the bong.
=Yep, gunna sit around
by Ryan H. K. March 10, 2008
The state of having nothing to do which occurs all day everyday. More than likely this results in you wanting to get stoned. There is never anything to do anywhere, and wherever you are you probably want to be somewhere else. A Way of Life!
Ryan: "Yo, what you doing today?"
Greg: "Ntd"
Ryan: "Word, ill bring my bong?"
Greg: "Yeah, I have some chips we can eat."
Ryan: "Yeah we can listen to my new techno CD, its crazy!"
Greg: "yeah lets sit around and do nothing basically"
Ryan: "Yup... NTD... like usual.."
by Ryan H. K. March 11, 2008