1. Occurence based solely on luck or chance.

2. English house-pop trio from the early 90's to later move onto trip-hop and electronica sounds. Most famous for the songs "Absurd" and "Atomb Bomb". Both off of their critically acclaimed album, Risotto.
1.That game was a total fluke. Nine times out of ten we would have beaten that team.

2. Did you hear the new Fluke CD? It's very good.
by GernomRune November 17, 2004
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1. Unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.
The New York Rangers Game 4 win against the Los Angeles Kings was a total fluke. Never will happen again. Kings in 5.
by spell$ June 11, 2014
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(1)fluke :
can be used to describe a situation of bullshit.
(2)fluke :
something that happens solely due to luck
Ex1: Damn where the hell did that cop come from..Thats fluke!
Ex2: It is not just a fluke that Captain’s vocal cords can reach the octave of his cousin Leona.
by Sonnyboy22 May 10, 2009
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a fluke is a "flying luke" This is when anyone named Luke is airborne in any way.
Luke has never flown before. If he did, it'd be a fluke.
by Tartarsaws March 11, 2015
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Noun: A women who loves sex more than modesty or discretion. She may have so much sex that she cannot afford to pay for her own contraceptives, and so little shame that she is willing to beg for others to pay for her birth control on nationwide television.
"Can you believe that fluke? She screwed 37 other guys and can't be bothered to go down to the campus health services to get more jimmy hats."
by DaBoogieman March 03, 2012
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