means nice.

like totes means totally.
"Where you going?" "To the derby bout." "Notes"
by joeheadstomping June 19, 2011
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A magazine or other softcore paper-bound, porno media concealed as science notes in a folder for trade at school or to keep from parents.
1. Friend: Hey dude, I got some more notes for you to "study."
You: Sweet, I'll make sure not to spill any white-out on them.

2. Friend: Dude, could you keep these notes for me? I just took the test so I don't need them anymore.
You: Sure thing, I still need to study.

3. Friend: You man, here's some notes for you
You (after being handed 5 or 6 in a folder): Dude this looks like its gonna be a hard final.
by Zack A. March 24, 2006
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Past tense of nut. Often used when talking to male colleagues in a joking or misogynistic manor. Can be used in past tense as β€œnoted”
Hey John! Guess what? I noted in my girl last night and got her pregnant.
by Bigdaddyblaine December 20, 2017
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If you can't spell 'definition', don't recommend anyone's definitions to Quality Control, ESPECIALLY if you're sending it there because of their spelling.
by Diane November 19, 2004
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Note Over There Either
A term that is similar to the acronym NOPE (Not On Planet Earth).
The Activist who opposed the development here took NOTE of other proposed places.
by mlhiss December 11, 2019
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a dude who look like a rapper but he’s not
Look at note none rappin ahh
by Qtehdc November 20, 2018
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