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A now thoroughly discredited attempt to discredit climate science, in which illegally obtained emails of scientists at the UK's climate research center at the University of East Anglia were carefully cherry-picked for out-of-context words and phrases that could be manipulatively interpreted as damning, and distributed to the media through, among other methods, fossil-fuel industry funded denialist organizations.

The scientists involved had no difficulty explaining the contexts behind the cherry-picked words and terms, and all were exonerated by subsequent investigations. Unfortunately, however, many more-casual observers who only followed the media frenzy resulting from the release of the emails remain unaware of the resolution of the matter, and still naively believe that Climategate "proved" malfeasance among climatologists.

The hackers who stole the emails from the University of East Anglia's servers have never been identified.
Sarah Palin: Climategate proves that all of climate science is a fraud!

Michael Mann: Sarah, you're so full of shit your eyes must be brown.
by SFPolack July 27, 2013
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Perhaps the greatest scandal in modern science. Private communications were allegedly hacked from an acclaimed climate research center, proving that many of the world's top anthropomorphic climate change experts routinely engaged in manipulating data to serve their geo-political agendas.
John: What do you think about cap and trade policies? I'm thinking about buying stocks in alternative energy

Wes: Are you kidding? After Climategate, that market will be in the crapper.
by bkn November 24, 2009
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