sarcastic phrase meaning "that was really gross/inappropriate/stupid and you're an idiot." Comes from group therapy, where everyone is encouraged to share their feelings and is recognized for sharing.
Quentin: "I just won the statewide Rubik's Cube championship."

Potential girlfriend: "Thanks for sharing."
by spatulasaucepan January 21, 2008
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An example of the rhetorical trope of LITOTES (understatement), This is the delicate response one gives to someone who, in a group setting, suddenly blurts out information which is extremely personal, unusually revealing, and possibly unique to that individual. It comes from settings like group psychological counseling or 12-step groups, in which such highly personal testimonies are followed by the Moderator's cool "thanks for sharing." said smoothly-- no matter how disturbing or shocking or incredible was the confession that preceded it. This catchphrase may well have originated from the 1980's TV sitcom, BOB, which starred comedian Bon Newhart as a psychiatrist.
12-step member: "Hi, My name is Marcia."

Group: "Hi, Marcia."

Marcia: I just want to say I'm glad I'm here tonight, I'm a child of incest, I'm a heroin addict and I just murdered my husband"

Moderator: (Smiling benignly, completely calmly) Thanks for sharing, Marcia.
by david lincoln brooks September 23, 2008
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A phrase people use on facebook comment sections, usually on verified business pages, to get a “label” or “badge” which states that they are “top fans” (basically, to get recognition/ a reward for having no life.)
Many people: “Nice post, thanks for sharing.”

Few people: “why is everyone saying this?”

Very few people: “they’re just trying to get thetop fanbadge.
by InfinityMax May 31, 2019
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A non-committal (on the surface) response to a statement the phrase user finds, unconventional, unacceptable, heretical or bizarre. The undercurrent or true meaning is often fuck you, and the purpose is always to denigrate or dismiss what was said.

This phrase is often used in meetings and among members of 12-step groups, especially Alcoholics Anonymous, but appears to have wider usage (see entry in The Free Dictionary).

Usage is similar to Thank you for the flowers.
Heretic speaking in AA: "I've found that I can stay sober without taking the steps, and I don't have to come to meetings every day, and I don't need a..."

AA meeting discussion leader: "Thank you for sharing. Who else has something to share?"
by Joe M from Pasadena November 17, 2009
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Also know as "Thanks For Sharing" Its When someone drives past you with windows down and absolute crap music playing, or worse yet when you are both stopped at a stop light and all you can hear is their bad music.
Car 1: (Music Blaring) !@#$&^%$#@!@#$%$#@#$%$#@
Car 2: That Music is crap. Thank You For Sharing. asshole.
by Bri Silver August 24, 2011
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