Damn, she got hella NOTES to pay for all this!
by Joshiro007 February 20, 2003
Another word for " Got that" or "I'll take it into account".
Person 1: You stink. You should take a shower.

Person 2: Noted.
by AshKetchumPoketraineer February 5, 2019
When used as a reply, shorthand to express that the message is received. Does not convey any emotion or opinion.
"My new cell # is 555-1234"
by Difffy February 22, 2010
A reply posted when someone puts a status on facebook, myspace, etc. Sarcastically shows that you care, and are going to write the status down in a notebook, when you really dont care at all about the status.
Facebook Status-
John Smith is goin to the movies
by Schizo_lifter93 December 8, 2009
A disguising name for porn collection.
My IT notes are world class.
by BabyShark July 15, 2009
Grant Lee Buffalo's "We've Only Just Begun" is almost a note-for-note re-creation of the Carpenters' version.
by WangK July 14, 2008
to confirm that something has been absorbed by the human mind
person1: hey we are going to meet at 4
person2: ...noted
by zeethedogger March 29, 2006