NGK is an American streamer that streams apex legends five days a week on Twitch and YouTube
Max: dude you got to check out this streamer, NGK he is lit

John: sounds great I will
by NolanProductions May 18, 2020
NGK is Tamil Telugu bilingual movie starring Naddipin nayakan Suriya,Sai pallavi and Rakul Preet Singh.Movie directed by selevaraghavan brother of Dhanush intentionally made the movie worse just to surprass Market.
NGK movie
by Gvmfando February 25, 2021
A general expression of frustration and/or disdain. Typically a single word response, to be used as it's own sentence.

Related: meh
Contrasting: w00t
Jim: Hey man, I think you just stepped in some horse shit.

Dave: 'Ngk.'
by Kirktis April 14, 2004
Shara: Yo my mom literally caught me watching ngk
by le monke July 3, 2022