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pallavi, is a common Indian name. its origin comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. the word itself consists of 3 words:
- pa is derived from padam which means word or phrase;
- lla comes from layam which means poetry or rhythm;
- vi is from vinyasam which means imagination

pallavi is the thematic line of a song.

furthermore, pallavi also means the coming of new leaves and everything that is new and fresh.
pallavi, that's a really nice dress you have on.

by Pallavi =) October 02, 2008
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Pallavi is nanni -small-

She is a sweet sister who is nanni.
Always cheerful and loud. Loves sports and likes taking leadership. Might be a little sensitive but has a strong hold of herself. She is someone who wouldn't let you go that easily. Very close with her family.

Despite not being blood relates she is someone who is like my own lil' sister. A cute ,loud ,loves to play and a very sweeeeeet boo.
Pallavi is nanni.
by Iambi July 21, 2019
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Pallavi is the name of Goddess Parvati
Goddess parvati is worshipped by Hindus in Hindu religion .Pallavi worships the Goddess.
by Hey deva March 30, 2019
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The most amazing person. Name literally translates to song, but usually sings AWFULLY. Pallavi is love, Pallavi is life. Not a slut at all. You can't ask for a better friend.
by vaporeonnn November 05, 2014
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