Doyoung is a vocal king in k-pop band, NCT. He is underrated and deserves more appreciation for his talents.

People have suddenly become woke since he looks so good in their latest comeback, but he's always been a god and they're late to the party.

Resembles a bunny.
Doyoung and Taeil are the strongest vocal angels I have ever heard.
by taehazardly July 2, 2017
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Born in 1996, Doyoung is one of the main vocalists of the kpop group NCT and he's a vital part of their performances as a group.

He debuted in 2016 with the NCT sub-unit "NCT U" and the song "The 7th sense", and has been actively working as a kpop idol ever since, he's known for his honey-like vocals, angelic tone and outstanding visuals.

Often recognized because of his resemblance to a bunny, his kind and sweet nature has earned him a spot among many peoples hearts, within the music industry, his group, his fans and the public. Although he is very known, he still deserves more recognition for his passion for singing and his talent, which are truly one of a kind. Everyone should know about him.
When watching the latest NCT performance, I really couldn't help but notice how stable Doyoung sounds live
by jjkdy107 December 1, 2020
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You’re kind of scary even if you are actually like a bunny. It shows when you smile. Sometimes you really can look scary and you’re facial expression are the best.
Person: We shouldn’t mess with Doyoung.

Person 2: Why not? He’s fun to tease.
by emilie_thesv February 2, 2021
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Kim doyoung the best dancer of the 4th generation, member of the most all rounder group in the world, the most beautiful and talented boy ever, known for his flirts, he is always saying that teumes are his princesses, stan doyoung stan treasure <33
Omg you’re so Kim Doyoung today!
by doyoung’s princess July 20, 2021
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to beat someone in a fight verbally or physically so bad that the nct lightstick can't save you
Person 1: have you heard of Jisung's new fortnite win?

Person 2: Haechan was pulling a Doyoung
by clickclackbangtan May 27, 2018
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used to describe doyoung of nct's prominent adam's apple, it's so beautiful it needs its own word
"One doyoung's apple a day keeps the jaehyun abs away" or "let me get some of that juicy doyoung's apple"
by bitchfromage April 5, 2020
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Top Dancer, Sweet, Prince-like who loves taking care of his princesses. He loves cooking and is very kind. He loves fashion and looks good in anything he wears. Someone who should be treasured and loved. He is precious and deserves the world.
Kim Doyoung loves his princesses. Everyone wants to be Kim Doyoung's princesses.
by Princess Meiko June 8, 2021
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