The most sweetest boy to ever exist. He is an angel sent from heaven with a beautiful eye smile. He is also very interesting and cracks great jokes. A member of NCT,in the unit NCT DREAM.
Omg Jeno is senpai.

I love Jeno,he is my bias.
by moominjun October 16, 2019
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Being really hot , sexy , cute , caring , and loving .

"Jeno" sometimes means PERFECTION
Jesus is Jeno

Ariana Grande is Jeno

One Direction is Jeno

Austin Mahone is Jeno

Hot Girl : "That guy is toooootttaaaaalllllyyyyy jeno!"
by UrbanDictionaryCo. December 25, 2013
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The bestest boy in the whole world. he is literally an angel sent from heaven with a beautiful eye smile and an amazing personality. this boy can sing, rap, dance, write lyrics, do tricks on a hoverboard, play violin, play guitar, do acrobatics, do archery, he can basically do anything. he has such a caring heart and loves his friends and family so much. jeno many seem tough and intimidating on the outside but he is actually super soft and caring if you get to know him well. jeno is the type of person who will always be thankful for what he has and. he will not complain even if something bothers him or is too hard for him. jeno has cats even though hes allergic to them just becuase he loves them so much. so in conclusion, jeno best boy. stan nct dream. stan nct. and stream boom.
jeno is the loml

jeno has the cutest eye smile

jeno says stream boom by nct dream
by norens February 24, 2020
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noun: ‘jeno’
jeno lee. very talented idol from nct dream. rapping. dancing. vocals. visuals. personality. everything

adjective: ‘jeno’
to describe an occurrence or action performed in a very typically jeno manner and it always wonderfully pleasing satisfying and fills one face with a beaming smile

verb: ‘to jeno’
to do something very jeno-like almost causing the illusion that you yourself are indeed thee lee jeno
“that was so jeno

“jeno is so jeno thats why i love him

by aaiyutaa July 22, 2021
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the literal meaning of perfect, fucking cute,andsome,hot guy from NCT DREAM. He is an angel sent from heaven with a beautiful eye smilehe's from a boy band called nct dream. And only love Nana Jaemin
by nananao November 23, 2021
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A fucking cute/handsome/hot guy from NCT DREAM.
non-NCTzen: Who is Lee Jeno? Ngl he do be cute doe 🙄
NCTzen: He is from NCT DREAM!! Urgh I wish I could be his bf ✋🏻🙄
by nct's bf November 14, 2020
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