The angle that brings everyone joy with cute lil simle and gets treated unfairly by sm so fuck sm
by Winwin stan February 12, 2019
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a fantastic top acrobatic dancer idol who was in a kpop group named NCT and was born in October 28,1997. also is a visual and cutest baby chick. gotta stan him never regret. protect him at all cost
person 1: hey! do you know WINWIN from NCT?
person 2: yeah dat whoop whoop boy with a rainbow hair, innocent and handsome face and once wore shirt that wrote M.I.L.F hunter, right?
person 1:.... yep. thats him
by imotaku January 19, 2018
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The CUTEST person on the planet. Little precious baby from Wenzhou, China. Part of Wayv, NCT 127, and NCT U. He deserves better because he gets little to no lines and his voice is so beautiful. He literally has a smile brighter than the sun and is the literal joy to all things in life. Stan Winwin. Embrace him. He has amazing stage presence and is the reason why my life is good.
Winwin is a literal ray of sunshine. <3
by mazeinthemiroh December 7, 2020
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Winwin is a member from a Korean boy Group called Nct. He is very Talented but sadly he doesn't get any Lines.
Person1: If Winwin doesn't get any Lines in Nct China I'm going to sue Sm Entertainment.

Person2:Me too
by StanLoonaStanTalent October 27, 2018
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no lines ass
member of NCT that everyone's wondering how his voice sounds like.

just breaths and dances in MV
- Who need more lines in NCT's songs?
-Winwin does!
by sichengdong April 16, 2018
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Blaming something on a fictional character "Winwin" can result in tricking the person and successfully escape the question.
"He Winwined out of the situation after getting into a difficult argument with his mom"
by MonkeyBoy12369420 January 27, 2023
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The stage name of Dong Si Cheng, a Chinese member of NCT, a South-Korean boy group. He was born on October 28, 1997 and is currently signed to SM Entertainment. TLDR; a handsome man child with tons of talent.
Friend1: That kpop group NCT has a new member named WinWin!
Friend2: Yeah, he's talented and good looking, yet he somehow looks younger than me!
Friend1: What a cinnamon roll!
by composure_____ December 26, 2017
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