NCT 127 is a nine-member K-pop boy group formed under S.M. Entertainment. The group debuted in 2016 with seven members, but two new members were introduced in early 2017.

NCT 127 is one of the three current subunits of NCT. The 127 refers to the longitudinal location of Seoul, South Korea, and NCT stands for "Neo Culture Technology."

Members include (oldest to youngest):

1. *Taeil, age 23, Korean—main vocalist of the group.
2. Johnny, age 22, American—main dancer, vocalist of the group.
3. *Taeyong, age 22, Korean—leader, visual, main dancer, and main rapper of the group.
4. Yuta, age 22, Japanese—lead dancer, rapper, vocalist of the group.
5. *Doyoung, age 21, Korean—main vocalist of the group.
6. *Jaehyun, age 20, Korean—lead vocalist, rapper of the group.
7. Win Win, age 19, Chinese—lead vocalist, visual, dancer of the group.
8. *Mark, age 17, Canadian—main rapper, vocalist of the group.
9. *Haechan, age 16, Korean—lead vocalist, lead dancer of the group.

*Also members of other NCT subunits.

More members are expected to be introduced later in 2017.
Person 1: "What do you think of NCT 127?"
Person 2: "Isn't that the K-pop group that dresses like they just got home from a shopping spree at Goodwill?"
Person 1: "...yes."

Fan 1: "What do you think of Johnny in NCT 127?"
Fan 2: "That Midwestern kid that debuted from SM Rookies? Yeah, he da shit."
by Anonymous Duckling 47 May 27, 2017
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There are 9 members but there were 10 but Sm thought it was funny that they would give away winwin. They’re names are Taeil,Taeyong,Johnny,Yuta,Jaehyun,Jungwoo,Mark,Haechan. With the youngest Haechan and the Oldest Taeil. The leader of 127 is Taeyong. You see there is more sub units but this is just one of them. The meaning of NCT is Neo Culture Technology and 127 means the longitudinal coordinates of Seoul. But others say they started off with 7 members, then added 2 more members which were Johnny and Yuta. Then they added one more member which was Jungwoo. They also have a fandom which they call the NCTZEN because to NCT, their fans are like they’re citizens.
Random person: who is NCT?

You as a NCTZEN: NCT 127 is this...
by thev.ision October 27, 2019
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NCT 127
NCT 127
by Taenun June 26, 2022
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K-pop group that has ten perfect guys in it
A: I'm looking for a perfect guy
B: then nct 127 is everything that you looking for
by taurandom gurl May 17, 2022
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