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Stands for "Nothing But Love".

Used to express affection, appreciation or acceptance for someone or something.
"What did you think when Britney shaved her head before?"
"Hey, everyone's different, we all handle stress in our own strange way. NBL!"
by Seven19 June 11, 2009
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Stands for "Not Being Lez". Similar to the frequently used phrase "No Homo", but specifically geared towards women. If a woman says something that sounds unintentionally sexual to another woman, saying "NBL" or "Not Being Lez" afterwards is a way of making it clear that it was not intended to sound sexual. Its is also used ironically in the gay community.
Shyla - "OMG your cat is so soft! I just love your pussy!! ..NBL"
Adrianne - "Sure.."
by FlowerTimed January 16, 2014
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Not bloody likely. A phrase difficult to misinterpret, a "no" that does not mean "yes" in any way. A "no" that means the user will do everything in his power to prevent whatever it is from occurring.
You: Are you going to watch the Super Bowl tonight?
Me: NBL, you know I hate professional sports.
by swiftmallard February 02, 2014
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Never Been Laid. Usually applies to males lacking all social skills but adept at D&D, Magic (the Gathering), web design, etc.
That guy from the comic book store is so NBL.
by blase blase blase May 14, 2006
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National Basketball League.
Poor Australian imatation of the NBA.
"Do you watch the NBL?"
"Hellzzz no. I like the NBA, go Jersey."
by Diego August 26, 2003
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NBL is a acronym that stands for "nothing but legs."It means that the person and or animal has noticeably long legs compared to the rest of the body.
Damn! Did you see that girl?she was NBL
by OFELIAAAH July 07, 2017
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