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The most beautiful girl on the planet. She's the best friend you could ever have! She's a complete badass and weird af. She's not afraid to do whats right. She may not be the most popular person ever but she a few good friends she can trust. Adrianne is a person you wouldn't want to mess with she will always be there 4 you. She's a person who LOVES animals. If you date Adrianne you better respect her because she's not the only one who will do anything 4 her. Adriannes a person you could say anything to and know itll be kept as a secret
Random guy: dude did you see that girl I think i herd her name was adrianne she sooo hoy her brushing me off for her friends makes me want her evwn more
Other guy: ya I agree with you she seems super cool 2
by Bruh_itz_sammi June 09, 2018
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Layedback, chill kinda girl.

Naturally pretty.
Hey, lets go hang with that Adrianne.

That girl is such an Adrianne.

MILF's are so Adrianne
by Mandi Bandi August 28, 2008
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The most beautiful girl put on the earth. Everyone wants to bang her. None of you have ever seen an unattractive Adrianne! Adriannes' are also great in bed!
Guy 1: Damn dude, you're dating Adrianne? You're so lucky, that bitch is fiiiine.
Guy 2: Yeah. I get great pussy all night long.
by cincinnatiisgross April 01, 2009
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Also known as shrek or slag. Has many layers.
Girl 1: Did you see Adrianne?
Girl 2: Do you mean shrek?
Girl 3: Shes a total slag.
by Anonymous2O16 December 10, 2016
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