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Shyla is the definition of perfection. She possesses the radiance of an angel. With a stunning smile she is able to capture one's heart. Her eyes can only be compared to the magnificence of sparkling jewels. Her soft voice is like a soothing melody. Shyla is love in its purest form.
Wow, that chick is a perfect 10 all around, her name must be Shyla. Too bad she's taken.
by Dungeonmaster99 April 01, 2009
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Shyla means beautiful, nice, incredible, loves her friends and she is cares about her family and friends.
This girl is so shyla
by Melelani January 22, 2017
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Shyla is a pretty girl who cares about other people. Shyla never lets people down. Shyla tries her best for everyone. Shyla makes mistakes but she tries her best to make them right. Shyla may be a bitch sometimes but she has her reasons. Shyla is just the most outgoing person and doesn’t let anyone bring her down.
Damnnn shyla sounds so perfect!❤️😍
by shyla_bae_bae101 February 15, 2018
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Shyla is the bestest bestie in the history of besties she is very loud loves her friends and family she is a confident smart girl and doesn’t care what anybody says about her
Get u a Shyla as bestfriend
by Queen_1231 January 30, 2018
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The most prettiest and loving girls you will ever meet she is brave and don't mess with her because she will fight right back but is smart and strong and beautiful
by Baller2gucci June 19, 2018
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Very beautiful sweet feisty girl. She often likes red heads named Braxton.
Dude I just saw a Shyla.
by Betty love February 12, 2018
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Shyla is the most amazing outgoing girl out there. She doesn't let anyone get her down. She seems happy all the time but really she just needs a hug sometimes when people call her ugly she cant help but think about how all yo mans be in her dms hittin her up finna fuck wit er. Yall needa gett a hold of yo mans. She gets tired of all the constant flirtacious vibes girls be sending her way too. Shyla is very beautiful, intellagent and very sarcastic. She can be nasty in many ways;) no matter what she will always be there for her friends and family. She is very sexy gets referred to as a goddess by many girls. She is either straight or bi sexuak or lesbian. She pulls many woman and men. She can be a hoe when she wants but is the layalist person u could ever meet
Damn yo nigga be up in shylas dms again

Dang shes so perfect 10/10 all round. Must be a shyla.
by Stoner princess;) May 21, 2018
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