The name for a dickhead, who thinks they're enforcement for a certain shop or area. "The Law" is used as a Title.
That guy, who works in Poundland stocking shelves, The Law is a right dickhead. Kicked me and my mates out for talking too loud at lunch.
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by ScreaminChaos March 01, 2018
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Name for a penis. Used solely for the purpose of being able to say that one is about to "lay down The Law" instead of "have sex". Accredited to Patrick of the Ace Deuce in 2008.
Hey man what did you do last night?

Well, I laid down The Law with some chick...if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*
by youknowme... December 07, 2009
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police, john law, gendarmes, troopers, 'officials', e.t.c.

'the laws' was used by warren beatty in the film 'bonnie and clyde' re: the appearance of the police.

this term is one of my personal favorites! it is short, sweet, somewhat ignorant, the truth; and generally brilliant! here indeed, DO come the laws!!
SHIT!, here come the laws!!

i was up on mcfoolsley mountain, trying to 'crack a piece' when here come the laws!!
by michael foolsley August 16, 2010
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A system put in place that helps keep society in place and manages to fuck it up from time to time
Why can’t I park here ??

Cuz this company got a sign that say by the law that you can’t park here !
by Joss Duke January 15, 2019
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