someone who post comments on video just to try and get more friends
Damn i hate it when jenny get myspace whore ish.
by Dakota W. July 22, 2008
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A girl who uses myspace to flirt with many guys that she would like to "meet" *cough*HOOK UP WITH*cough*. She has never met any of them, and will constantly talk about the random guys she's meeting that could be a sick ass perv. She will have at least 3 guys that she wants to meet, and talks to all 3plus in one day.
"She's flirting with all these random guys on myspace; She's such a fucking myspace whore"
by Alyssa S August 20, 2007
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an individual (usually but not exclusively a teenage girl) who typically post sexually provocative/revealing pictures on MySpace in order to get as much 'attention' as possible.
"Luke man you're fast turning into a MySpace Whore!"
by Gareth Ronan May 25, 2009
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basically an eleven year old girl that says shes 17, shows pictures of her ass to feel better about the fact that she doesnt do half the shit she says and really cant back herself up becuz she relies on other people to "kick" someone elses ass (quotes becuz 98% of all myspace whore threats are unreal). also the reason why the internet is evil, becuz there is a girl that has a million freinds and tries to beat out tila tequila, but never will. Tom Anderson, the founder of Myspace, created a great product, but basically should delete all myspace whores.
1. true story: there is an 11 year old girl that had a picture of a g string with a ribbon tied around it...no bs...
2. Tila Tequila is the ultimate myspace whore...hands down...
by Alex Curtis June 02, 2006
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someone who spends more than fifty percent of their day on myspace. Thinking that there is no other joy in life.
Shane :"Alyssa was on myspace all yesterday. Is she a ...?
Adam: " I know she is such a myspace whore isn't she? ."
by mada512 January 01, 2008
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myspace whores are normally a girl, but some times a guy whose time is consumed greatly by myspace,
they normally have 1k+ friends,
have whore me codes,
tell you a ton about them in their profile in attempt to look cool,
post TONS of w4w bulletins,
post pictures daily.

though, myspace whores are not always just for friends.
I myself am a stereotyped myspace whore,
so is my boyfriend,
(we know eachother personally.) :D

but we both have our OWN clothing lines.
typical bulletin for a myspace whore:

-talks to anyone!!

^^ that is a typical whore for whore bulletin.
by myspace.com/siarrasavage January 15, 2008
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a concsided girl that loves to go and pose her way into popularity`by exposing herself onto the petifile hungry website "myspace".
that faggot is a myspace whore.
by ivette July 18, 2006
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