a foot-scrubbing and filing implement, especially useful for dogs
Maddie used the petifile to care for Winnie's toenails.
by IngThing February 14, 2007
lonely guy that is misunderstood by adults, one who needs companionship with others under 18 years of age who understand him.
by Superman November 29, 2003
a old guy who needs loving from young girls
that man ach is a petifile he had sex with that schoolgirl
by croe May 23, 2007
The act of kyle when being around girls
look at his eyes, he looks like a petifile
by rockeronie May 11, 2009
A mis-spelling of the word pediphile.
People who spell pediphile P-E-T-I-F-I-L-E are seriously fucking stupid.
by Pete Gallo January 4, 2004
a person that likes someone so much they use thier sausage!!!!!! o yeah and the people are years of age apart!!
by pet if ile February 3, 2003