A mistake.

80's Pittsburgh phrase that's the same as "my bad".
"Oh, I thought Mike was single. My blow."
by Urban mother August 25, 2016
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another meaning for suck my dick, mainly used in NY
yo bro blow my chop
by yoshitk December 12, 2019
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When you're drunk, high, or totally fucked up on something and you just want to chill out and someone tries to get all serious or emotional on you, ruining your night.
"Yo nigga this skank bitch won't leave me alone."
"Whatever dogg...I saw you gettin' all cryin' on her shoulder a minute, gettin' all emotional wit that bitch!"
"I admit I was talkin' to da bitch, but you ain't seen me cryin'."
"Now you lyin' and you blowin' my high...quit denying it! Listen, get the fuck outta my face. Call it a night and take that fat slut home, go shoot some pool, tap dat keg, smoke some reef, fucking kill yourself...I don't care. Just quit blowing my buzz!"
by Nick D March 10, 2003
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the action that kills the buzz that you feel from weed.
Rob: I Just Saw a Cop Car

Terrance: Fuck, You Blowing My High
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It Means you erking like someone is doing something that's making them mad or look at you like defuq?
Ahaaaa you ugly assel in that picture!! Gtfoh you really Blowing my shit like bye.
by PrincessNenađź‘‘ April 25, 2015
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To reach, or exceed a set amount of extreme anger caused by irritation.
John wouldn't stop teasing me about my hair so I was about to blow my top.
by Missmademoiselle918 October 18, 2013
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When someone makes you to reach at a level of frustration and disappointment and then you need to aim this energy to him.
e.x. You’re making me blow my top with this passive aggressive attitude of yours young man. Stop it immediately or I will do something really bad to you.
by Sense8ative August 11, 2019
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