When someone or something is really on your nerves.
Dale is really erking my nerves at the moment.
by Omega2423 March 22, 2016
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A sound you make, it ostensibly means "I'm going to kick your ass."
"I stole $100 right out of your bank account"
by John2019 August 6, 2019
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An Erke is a special kid who gets on with the best girls and persons in an area. Erke always cares for another and is a unique person who mostly can get on with most of the people except hoes. He is not just unique in social ways, Erke has many awesome abilities too. Although an Erke can be a real pain in the ass as well. He sometimes is so good at games that you just wanna kill him.
Bruh look at Erke. He is hanging out with all the girls in the school. Wish I could be like him.
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a mid-ranged sense of pissed off upset_to_erked_to_undescribable rage
''ok, now im erked!!!''
by THE B@TMAN December 29, 2015
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A word used to describe annoyance or displeasure.
It really erks me when James Doesn't take out the trash.
by thatguydownyourstreet May 27, 2011
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Hottest bitch in the town, always single and has a lot of fans. Her mind is just as sexy as her beauty. lovely, beautiful, mysterious, awesome. Amazing friend. Everyone has her back. Looks beautiful without even trying
-who’s that girl?
-oh, erke, she’s that bitch
by realeryea October 20, 2020
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Slang term for percocets; a way to text someone for percocets without saying perks or being sketchy.
Yo bro Kyle told me to hit u up he said u got erks ?
by NY Nigga September 30, 2020
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