A disgusting alcoholic drink created by idiot teenagers who don't know how to properly drink alcohol. It typically contains Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Brandy, and day-old beer; however, ingredients are subject to change based upon user discretion.
Ester drank a "My Place" a nearly puked all over the balcony.
by SHITTTTTT April 3, 2017
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the act of meeting a girl(usually) on myspace and after kicking sufficient game get her to meet you and bring
her back to your home and proceed to have sex with her.
guy: i cant believe she had sex with me the first time we
hung out!

dude: sounds like shes a real myspace to my place kind of
by Orlandoss October 14, 2007
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to put your pussy on someone's face- receive cunnilingus. get eaten out

Hey baby , I wanna put my place on your face.

Also, opposite- I wanna put my face on your place eat out someone}, give cunnlingus.
by PBG April 22, 2008
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The place a person goes after enduring an enormous disappointment or loss. An emotional funk. Depression of unbearable proportion.
Dude: "What's your problem today?"
Other dude: "I'm in my dark place since Mary broke my heart."
Dude: "Quit being such a crybaby."

Campaign worker: "I'll be in my dark place for a long time if the Republicans win."
by frothing November 2, 2009
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a blissful state of mind created by a pleasing event or the effects of intoxicants.
Dude, seeing Gina in that black thong bikini sends me to my happy place!! (or)

Man, that weed you sold me is so bunk I cant even get to my happy place!!
by SimpleSpyman April 27, 2008
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A phrase used by some idiots at kinnelon high school including, Aspren, Monkey, Cowboy, and Choadie
Cowboy: My base wrong place
Monkey: My base wrong place
*Both shake hands*
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