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Appealing to the sensitivities of our gay brethren. Favored by queers.
That fuschia shirt is positively homosensual!
by SimpleSpyman March 25, 2008
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a blissful state of mind created by a pleasing event or the effects of intoxicants.
Dude, seeing Gina in that black thong bikini sends me to my happy place!! (or)

Man, that weed you sold me is so bunk I cant even get to my happy place!!
by SimpleSpyman April 27, 2008
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Scofflaws, cheats, deadbeats and other losers use this phrase as an excuse for their miserable failures in managing their money
I'd love to pay you for cleaning my pool Eugene but in "this economy" I just can't! Sorry.
by SimpleSpyman January 27, 2009
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This is a descriptive term that people apply to whatever object they are trying to get rid of on Ebay that isn't selling.
Cheapskate #1- Jesus, I can't get anybody to buy this awful plaid pair of pants from K-mart. What am I gonna do?

Cheapskate #2- What, are you stupid? Just re-list it and call it Rockabilly K-mart plaid pants!!

Chaepskate # 1- Dude, you are awesome!
by SimpleSpyman August 31, 2009
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A Salieri is a friend, co-worker, lover or relative that is threatened by you. They often attempt to diminish you although they pretend to be your friend or advisor.
Dean's boss is a Salieri. He keeps micro-managing Dean even though everyone knows that without Dean, he would be totally lost. back stabber. traitor. judas. green eyed monster
by SimpleSpyman May 3, 2017
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An ironic exclamation of approval or pleasure in an event in which the observer is actually bored or unimpressed.
Him: Hey! If we hurry and get back to my place by eleven, we can still catch The Simpsons!

Her: Whoop Dee Doo!!
by SimpleSpyman March 27, 2008
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A socio-political milieu in which truth and facts are disregarded when lies, gossip, and other forms of misinformation enable the liar to make a buck, sell some soap or win an argument. Derived from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia in which printed information may or MAY NOT be factual.
Viewer one: "Oh man, did you hear that Channel 7 just reported that the little bit of rain we had last week actually made the drought WORSE instead of better?"

Viewer two: "What! How is that even possible? That's so Wikiworld!"

by SimpleSpyman April 15, 2008
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