1.Gokart with a small block 2.cheap horse power 3.Slow
Hey check out that IROC coming up beind us. I wish my Mustang was that cool
by Jimbo May 26, 2003
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Hey whats the big deal with fukiing cars anyway why don't u all get lives and worry about more important things in life like....... ok so there really isn't anything more important but thats not the point.
by corona October 21, 2003
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"Then there's the F-body's original rival, the Mustang. Styled in a less rakish, more upright fashion, Mustangs are sporty four-passenger cars with similar performance at price points consistently below comparable Camaros and Firebirds. Though, less aggressive and not as quick, the Mustang offers more refinement in an easier-to-live-with package than the GM entries."
mustangs suck f- bodys rule
by rtrtrtr July 16, 2005
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pathetic american car that has lost it's taste. many compasre this iron-box to the honda civic but they dont relize that they are actually in two different categories.
1.Struggling Sports Car
A. Ford Mustang
2.Family Economy Car
A. Honda Civic Sedan

now theres no need, compare a mustang to a nsx while ur at it, and dont say, oh its way more expensive than a mustang, because some of you are doin excatly that to the civic.
My mustang has 5 litres while ur civic only has 1.6! and i have to go fill up three times more than you! HAHAHAHA
by ebonix February 22, 2005
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A piece of shit so called muscle car that everyone and their brother owns.
Your everyday generic joefuck owns one of these.
Otherwise known as a MOUSESTANG.
I wish I wasn't a faggot, Then I could possibly own something like a Camaro, Firebird, or GTO.
Wow, You have a mustang?!?! ME TOO!!!!!
by danny dubz May 09, 2007
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A sporty car made by a unreliable manufacture that goes by the name of Ford. The mustangs best years were its earliest, and ever since then the model went down the shit hole. the only way a mustang stands a chance against anything is if it doesn't break down before it reaches the starting line. many mustang owners brag about how they can waste fuel economy cars such as the civic. in reality in an endurance race the mustang is left standing, and most imported cars with a couple of modifications to free breathing and exhaust would leave a mustang for dead in a twisty circuit, because muscle cars are designed to go in a straight line. all in all, for some it's still worth arguing, but when you get a grip on reality and realize that Ford makes both the mustang, and the Focus, all hope is lost.
A. Hey look at that mustang!
B. Where?
A. On the side of the road where else?
B. Yea I guess. It's also sporting a lovely cloud of smoke pouring out of the hood.
by jesus720 December 15, 2008
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A car driven to make up for the microscopic thing in your pants.
omg i drive a mustang keekeke lemme go take on a 4 cylinder civic to make myself feel big

*Thinks to himself* those guys with the camaro's and gto's are too fast for me...I prefer racing something totaly out of my class...omg was that guy in the z28 laughing at me!?
by Kp100006 December 11, 2006
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