Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OEM software is what you get "bundled in" free when you buy a computer. It might include Windows, some complete older programs, "taster" versions of new programs, etc.

OEM stuff is unsupported and comes without manuals or any kind of help. It's a free gift, take it or leave it.

Buying second-hand OEM software can get you a real bargain, as long as you know enough to get by without the manual or support.
When I bought my new computer, they gave me five OEM programs free.
by Robbie August 26, 2004
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Obnoxious Egotistical Motherfucker

Someone who is just the world’s biggest self-serving, attitude-filled pain in the ass.

And it's safe for office environments since only select few will know the true meaning behind your use of it – like FYI.
- What do you think about John?
- He’s an OEM.

That OEM up in Accounting.......

WTF has happened to Bill? Was cool at first, now just another OEM.
by floWwonS October 9, 2009
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OEM+ stand for "Original Equipment Manufacturer +".
This term originally comes from the automotive world to describe the customization of a car in a subtle way, (mainly) using parts and accessories from the same manufacturer or the same group (Using Audi parts on a Volkswagen for example) . More generally it means customize a car very discreetly, with a close look to the original, playing on the details. In contrast of tuning and its extravagance.
_ Wow, never seen a VW Golf so clean! Does it come from the factory like this?

_ Well almost, it's OEM+. Just changed a few details to enhance the original look.
by or__zy February 10, 2016
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Acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer

It's just another way of saying "stock." The parts that come standard on anything: Cars, Computers, boats, planes, electric tools, ect. just to name a few.
Just get the OEM brake pads; they may be stock, but they work fine.
by Bobbbaaayyy August 8, 2006
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Etymology: 'Original Manufactured White Girl'

1) A character, usually from an anime or Japanese video game, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and enormously large breasts.

2) A Caucasian female, usually with blonde or dyed-blonde hair, who is so painfully and stereotypically white that it's laughable.
1) Irene Lea, from the Ninja Gaiden series, is such an OEM White Girl.

2) Her name is 'Tiffany'? Wow, she IS an OEM White Girl! What's her serial number?
by Piff the Eradicator June 9, 2015
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