6 definitions by mustang

Extremely crowded, full of people.

Est. in Encinitas, CA.
"I went to the party but it was really sand, I could barely breathe"
by mustang February 20, 2005
Very fancy, like the hotel.

Est. in Encinitas, CA
"Her tricked-out car is ritz!"
by mustang February 20, 2005
The Independant School League

A league of prep schools in N.E. that basically live to make fun of everyone else...ie, all hate public schools in unity, and then each school hates every other school too...a sad circle of false unity spread by lies and false faces, actuality, a group of individuals with temporary allies and enemies...
Milton Academy, of the ISL, played and smoked Nobles in football again...
by mustang April 24, 2005
Someone who still supports Donald Trump even though he lost the election and they don't admit to it
My friend the Trump rag still thinks Donald Trump won the election
by mustang February 9, 2021
the most coolest car a guy coukd ever have if he wants to pick up the ladies.
hey man you gonna go mustang some chicks
by mustang March 24, 2003
An exclamation used when extremely surprised, excited or horrified. Is always followed by an exclamation point when written out.
Egads! That guy should do something about his brambles.
by mustang October 13, 2003