A gun that is used by people who want to die, unless having previously acquired PHD Flopper or Danger Closest
Did that dude seriously just pack-a-punch his M1911 into Mustang and Sally? Does he have a death wish?
by 15postmalone January 8, 2020
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A female that just turned 16 and daddy gives her a brand new Mustang.
Fuckin Mustang Sally just went through RED LIGHT and cut me off almost smashing up my Ford Pinto.
by Slaffter October 21, 2009
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A sexual act that must be performed on the hood of a car. It does not require an actual Ford Mustang. To pull off the Mustang Sally a girl must be fully naked, laid out tits flat on the hood. Her legs remain able to touch the ground, and may stand herself up. A guy must fuck her doggy style in either the vagina or asshole. The final touch to the "Sally" is to pull out before ejaculation and cum on the hood beside her face. You then get behind her, grab her hair at the back of her head, and slam her face into the pool of resting semen.
"Dude, me and my girl were in my car and I decided to give her the mustang sally."
Friend- "Did she get pissed?"
"Yeah, ...I don't think I'll be seeing her again."
by Safe Sex August 14, 2009
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the hottest car ever..but sadly instead of being driven by deserving teenagers..due to lack of cash..it is wrecked by random 40ish women who are going through a mid life crisis!!!
"That should be mine!"a teen laments after seeing his mother drive by in Mustang Sally
by Mrs.Friesen April 16, 2004
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A woman who fantasizes about sex with horses.
Dude, make sure you use a condom with her. She's a mustang sally!
by weenieboy August 20, 2009
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Ride Sally, Ride. Not only a one of a kind "Real Ryder" but one of the strongest most inspirational women anyone could of known. Living a life WORTH living. Known as "Mom" she saw to it that any and all she allowed in her close circle of friends only did their best in their lives. AT ALL TIMES! Without failure! She's not only feared, respected, adored and hated....shes also loved and missed and remembered as a old skool tweaker who wrote the text book on drug morals and etiquette ..... And stood for something LITERALLY. She will always remain the best drug dealer EVER! "And then....?" And inspector gadget theme song come to mind when you think of her.
Mustang Sally really put them in their place, making them clean up and apologize after trashing the laundry mat.
by MrsHarryDick February 20, 2022
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