a universal pronoun that can be used in any situation.
Josephine: that test was mad hard.
Christina: dude seriously.

Christina: did you see that girl's hair? it was purple.
Josephine: dude seriously.
by dat hispanic white chick June 27, 2006
Noun: An intense, serious, often dramatic conversation. Usually between two people and usually in private. A Dude Seriously is so called because these conversations usually begin with one person saying to the other "Dude, seriously..."

Synonyms: hashing out, argument, man to man.
Person 1 "I just walked into Lee's room and he was in there with Lauren. It was really awkward, I think they were having a dude seriously."

Person 2 "Ugh, that's uncomfortable. What was it about?"

Person 1: "Dunno. I turned around and walked back out right away."
by VeganMac May 30, 2013