Jesty Landry is such a kind hearted sensitive, mushy ass man.
by Ruthlesstoothless666 April 30, 2018
'The Ginger Boffin's' colloquial slang word for a Mustache. Alternatively, the name of her Grandmothers late cat, Mushy.
"My Grandma's cat's called Mushy."
"My, my, my Jonny, you have one mighty mushy there on yow top lip."
"Stop ticklin' my bushy, with your mushy!"
by The Ginger Boffin April 16, 2008
A person who's emotions are expressed in an overly dramatized manner typically stemming from jealously, tension or arousal.
Guys, I'm such a mushy. I can't stop thinking about how pretty that thot was from last night.
by VersatileFool January 9, 2023
the described consistency of a penis after masturbating
Yeah bro, after I got that premium Brazzers account, my dick was mushy celery
by angrynoob July 1, 2015
when a guy gets shit on his balls and then smears it all over ones face
Aw man, last night I mushy graped like 3 girls and all of their faces still smell.
by mushygraper October 11, 2010
When someone is high and can't stop moving their jaw, and lips
Dennis aka Denny philly boy was on the phone texting Tara and he had very bad mushy jaw.
by Dennyphillyboy January 4, 2017
Some guy who probably smells like shit and tends to be unfunny.
“Ew bro what’s that smell?” You deadass smell like Mushi rn
by morttheshortport November 25, 2021