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A spam Instagram account where people post what they are too afraid to post on the real account
Did you see Chris's finsta? It is so funny.
by rantmonster2319 June 16, 2016
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A finsta is a combination of the words Fake & Insta(gram). When people have a finsta they post pictures they only want their closest friends seeing instead of their regular instagram(rinsta)followers to see. Usually a girl has a finsta and boys arent supposed
to follow it. Finstas arent supposed to be taken seriously and it doesnt matter how many posts or followers you have. Finstas are mainly kept private and have funny of clever usernames.
Oh my gosh that's hilarious post it on your finsta!

I need a new username for my finsta.

Uh oh... I just posted on my rinsta instead of my finsta!!
by thewizardofwords October 19, 2015
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A fake instagram account, so one can post ratchet pictures without persecution from sororities, jobs and society as a whole
Rebecca: "I posted a pic of Kenzie smoking on my finsta!!"
Catherine: "that's awesome!!"
by Llama12 February 20, 2015
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short for "fake instagram". used for ugly selfies, memes, inside jokes, etc. Usually has humorous names as the username, such as a misspelling of users name.
Amelia : lmao that pic ugly af. tag my finsta
Bianca : gotchu fam
by aesthetically September 02, 2017
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An Instagram account in which is a 'fake insta'; most people with a finsta also have a rinsta, a 'real insta'. They post funny pictures of themselves or long rants and the people that follow them are very selective; the username is usually funny
by fvckmedaddV February 27, 2017
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a fake instagram account allowing you to post anything you would like without criticism anonymously to everyone except for people you talk to and trust
Amy has a rad finsta and you can really see who she is behind the scenes 😉
by Horselover1234 March 28, 2017
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When white bitches make second Instagram accounts to show the world "who the real (insert name here) is"
I didn't know Ally had a second account!
Yeah, Ally's finsta is full of weed, tears, and nudes.
How she is soooooo hipster!
by thetruth18 December 14, 2015
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