that's very mushi of you
by AdrianoRistov June 17, 2021
Heinous sexual act. Sub folds limbs into a pretzel shape, Dom cuts a lemon in half and squeezes juice into Sub's asshole, then leaves the two halves of the lemon on top of the nipples of Sub while sodomizing him/her.
Girl 1: Hey, I heard you and Derek are into crazy sex.

Girl 2: Yeah, it's ridiculous. Last night we did this thing called the mushy lemon pretzel. It's insane.
Girl 1: Oh? I've never heard of that one. Sounds tangy
by jmat9001 January 1, 2016
slang, sometimes used as a 'callout' during sexy time with a loved one.
"Oh you mushy cranium, you!" *insert orgasmic sounds here*
by Mushy-cranium May 15, 2011
A guy who claps peoples cheeks in fortnight
Mushy frog is cool-Bob the builder
by IzarcoTheTaco September 15, 2022
a mama mushy means they are the oldest of the friend group
mama meaning they are the mother of the group

mushy means mushroom
it is used as a nickname
haii mama mushy
by MushroomChild May 18, 2022
Mushy soft: used to describe an extremely soft fruit
mushyemotional: used to describe an extremely emotional situation or circumstance
1: dat mango was mushy i couldn't eat it
2: justin likes mushy fruits; eww
3: i hate it wen kate gets all mushy
by preizy November 6, 2018
This is the most amazing person in the world, they are a great friend and even better at stay on long calls (unless they are over 12 hours). I love you Mushy
by JestyQ January 17, 2022