A bad agroupation of musicians that play on local festivities, go to wealthy houses, and expect a pay. In Puertorican it is used to describe a friend that seems to always be high, and lives at a very lazy slow paced life.
James you are a murga, get off your ass and lets go clubbing.

Lancho jodia oveja murgosa levantate y vamos pa la disco.

Alguien ha vsito al fou? Esta hecho una murga y desaparecio denuevo

by Islita November 14, 2007
A word for a mormon. When mormons see their friends they typically call them mormons. This is the friendly word, unlike murger.
Yo what’s good my mormon murga.
Ay my murga pulled up the other day and we spun the block.
by Murger September 9, 2021