The best show ever starring the coolest lady in the world, Angela Lansbury.
Kid 1: Did you catch "Murder, She Wrote" last night? I missed it.
Kid 2: Yea it was the shit! Jessica found another murderer and saved Cabot Cove just in time.
Kid 1: She might as well be Jesus.
by K.C.B October 01, 2006
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“ murder she wrote “ is a reference to something going correctly. the phrase ‘ murder she wrote ‘ means whoever SHE is planned and wrote it down.
“ And I asked her what the dick did and murder she wrote
And she wanna give me mo' head but my dick hurt her throat “ - tay k ;murder she wrote
by hottiesouthernbody February 25, 2021
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when you or one of your squad members destroy a girl's pussy and want to use a relevant term for it:
Dude 1:"I asked her if it hurt and she just moaned."
Dude 2:"Damn, murder she wrote."
by nextgenshit September 25, 2017
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