To prematurely ejaculate
Michael and Ashley were fucking and he Angela Lansbury'd her.

Ashley: Did you fucking cum already?!?

Michael:Yeah, call me Angela Lansbury cause that's all she wrote
by BoozeDontLose May 26, 2016
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When young girls and women have the facial features of elderly ladies yet without wrinkles, gray hair or sagging skin, thereby guaranteeing they will look exactly the same for 75 years. Angela Lansbury is from the series Murder, She Wrote. They usually have wide eyes, large cheeks and look like your grandmother.
"Maggie Gyllenhaal is only 32?? She totally has an Angela Lansbury face."
by mars1932 December 17, 2009
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To investigate someone's sexual background, face to face asking them questions.
Scott: Have you had sex with Hunter, or Pete, or John, or...
Vanessa: Stop it! Why you going all Angela Lansbury on my ass!?
by Aris da big guy November 26, 2007
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The British equivalent of Betty White. Despite her advanced age (She was born in 1925), she is still very active in the acting business.
Although she is best known far starring in the main role in "Murder, She Wrote," Angela Lansbury's career actually dates back to the mid-1940s. And she's still going. What a beast.
by Someone who kinda exists July 23, 2021
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