Most likely a very attractive male. Down south type person with the upmost respect for themselves and others. Hard to understand but easy to read! Easily irritated and rather be alone. Very smart and good with the hand. Either a Sag or Scorp. Funny and fun to be around.
by Creative minds April 5, 2010
A shon is a urban legend around these Risky parts

2: Shon has no knowledge of outside environment
OH NO he is a shonis it a hermit”?
by LOGANDA June 10, 2021
The hottest tortilla eating mexican alive!
Most artistic people.
Damnnnn, i wish there was a Shon in my bed!
by disaster; return of the dead August 30, 2008
An act or individual that is embarrassing, shameful, cringy or weird.
The context is important.
Friend 1 - Hey did you see her hair extension fall out?
Friend 2 - Yes it was so shon!
by beetrootqueen October 27, 2018


1. To use overwhelming charisma to achieve the impossible.

2. To outmanoeuvre many males chasing a single girl, through the use of charm and specialty wheeling tatics
1. Man, that guy just Shonned that interview.

2. Jesus, do you know that girl that's impossible to get? I heard that she finally got Shonned up.
by Westernkid September 27, 2014
To lay or "chill" with a girl, but never actually have intercourse or even get to 2nd base with.
Dude 1: Hey dude, are you gonna have sex with her?

Dude 2: Nah, I'm shonning her until the sun comes up.

2nd example:

"dude what happened to you last night?"

"I went home with those girls and fucked them- "Nah you shonned them."

Example 3:

"Did he ever get to 2nd base?"

"Nah we shonned and listened to Drake"
by 6 bohrillion July 4, 2014