The best show ever starring the coolest lady in the world, Angela Lansbury.
Kid 1: Did you catch "Murder, She Wrote" last night? I missed it.
Kid 2: Yea it was the shit! Jessica found another murderer and saved Cabot Cove just in time.
Kid 1: She might as well be Jesus.
by K.C.B October 2, 2006
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“ murder she wrote “ is a reference to something going correctly. the phrase ‘ murder she wrote ‘ means whoever SHE is planned and wrote it down.
“ And I asked her what the dick did and murder she wrote
And she wanna give me mo' head but my dick hurt her throat “ - tay k ;murder she wrote
by hottiesouthernbody February 25, 2021
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Murder she wrote means a few things..
1. A precipitated recipe of murder that planned out correctly.
2. A woman who "ghosts" a man without reason and breaks his heart and dates another man. Which makes the ghosted man wanting to murder each man she dates .
3. Or fucking the shit out of a female and than leaving her ghosted.
Man! That bitch Leah fucking Jaba the Hut Murder she wrote .

Shon fucked my best friend Ang the hoe murder he wrote

Fucked Shorty so good Murder she wrote man
by Shawty 4 April 2, 2022
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when you or one of your squad members destroy a girl's pussy and want to use a relevant term for it:
Dude 1:"I asked her if it hurt and she just moaned."
Dude 2:"Damn, murder she wrote."
by nextgenshit September 26, 2017
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murder she wrote would technically mean “her lost” but I wouldn’t recommend saying it to your mom or something because there talking about its “her lost” for not having sex with them. Or kiss them soooo
She came to my house and left murder she wrote.
We were in bed together but she ran away from me murder she wrote
Saw this cute girl at the street and asked for her number she said no murder she wrote
by Whatawonder February 12, 2022
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