A name for a guy who's name you can't remember. Similar to whats-his-nuts.
hoodrat1: Aye, remember when Keisha and whats-a-dick was fuckin' behind the bleachers?
hoodrat2: Oh yeah girl, and she still tried to act like she wasn't a stank ho.
by coldheart7 June 26, 2010
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commiting a act of rudeness
dan: (shoves his friend which causes him to fall into mud)

friend: what a dick!
by ashwan January 28, 2008
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What the dick is a phrase that is typically used to express frustration, disbelief, dissatisfaction, irritation, and many other emotions.

What the dick should be used only in the most serious of situations.

If you're looking for an alternative phrase that may be used in less serious situations, we recommend using the phrase "What the dicky".
What the dick Blaine; why did you just hit me the face?
by WTDI April 02, 2012
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A variation of "what the fuck?"

It is not commonly used, except by hipsters, art majors, and weird/odd people. Usually heard after a night of heavy drinking.
"Guys, what the dick? I think I left my wallet back at the bar"
by Muchacho90 October 05, 2012
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Dick to rim is Anal teasing with a dick. Rubbing the penis around the outside of the butt hole.
What is Dick to rim: Omg bro she let me do “dick to rim”. Next step anal.
by Funnygirl69 August 14, 2018
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