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Acid Etch bath is an acidic solution used by graff writers in mops and other assorted markers to create a handstyle on a glass surface, in which the acid eats into the window, making that handstyle/tag unbuffable.
I went up and down down market street and etched the shit outta every building window I saw
by hamydeez April 19, 2004
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a latino, black and asian neighborhood in the southern part of San Francisco. Mission St runs through the neighborhood. Down the street are the notorious Sunnydale projects and the Alemany Housing Projects.
The excelsior aint nothin to be fucked wit
by hamydeez November 02, 2004
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Original hip hop duo from Mid City LA. Consisting of Emcee's Double K & Thes One. They make some of the best music that has come out in the "new school" All there music is sampled and mixed straight from 12"'s and fuck the drum machines. They definetly keep it real and to the truest essence of hiphop.
Damn every track on "Question in the Form of an Answer", "Or Stay Tunes", "O.S.T.", "The Next Step" are good, and style beyond any others.
by hamydeez October 05, 2003
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The sco, the sucka free city, San Francisco city. RBL Posse made this term on the real to the public.
Dont gimme no bammer weed, we dont smoke that shit in tha SFC - RBL Posse, representin the HP. R.I.P.
by hamydeez November 05, 2004
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"Bucktown USA - Boot Camp Click"
"Bucktown - Smif n Wesson"
by hamydeez October 06, 2003
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A spray paint tip that sprays nice and big/wide. Good for bombing and fill-ins on.
"Yo all you need to give me is my cans and my fat caps and i'll soon be all city"
by hamydeez January 25, 2004
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Fat Joe, may be top 40, but he still keeps it real. He's used to write "crack" back in the 80's when graffiti was alive at its fullest. He killed cars and rolled with some of NYC's finest graff legends like Cope 2. He is a decent emcee, has a dope voice, and has message in lyrics. If you disagree with me check out my other def's, im no wack hiphop listener.
I would've never expected Fat Joe to write graff back in the 80's
by hamydeez April 16, 2004
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